10 Stress Reducing Skills Guaranteed To Cut Stress Levels

05 November 2012
10 Stress Reducing Skills Guaranteed To Cut Stress Levels

1. Find Calmness

Meditation is a great way to calm yourself down and find that inner calmness which eludes you. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting cross legged chanting. Just focus your mind on any one thing and sit or lie in a relaxed position. The repetitive nature of your thoughts on the one thing or image does the rest. If work or life related thoughts break in then just let them go again and re-focus. Try to allow yourself at least 10 minutes to feel any benefit. But finding time to do it daily will certainly cause levels of stress in your body to drop.

2. Mindfulness

Many people have not heard of mindfulness, yet it is something we can all do anywhere. We focus on something near us, perhaps a plant in the office and we check for every detail, shape and color. Just by focusing on one thing means that all of the thoughts causing your stress are forced from your mind for the period that you are focused. And the subject can be anything; perhaps you can hear a bird sing or are just fascinated by an older piece of furniture or carving. Even looking at how complex the simplest pen is can remove the stressful pressures from your brain. The trick is to make every observation non judgmental.

3. Take Deep Breaths

When we are stressed we tend to breathe in a short shallow manner, generally without noticing it. The first thing to do is to tune in to your breathing. If you notice that it has become shallow then slow yourself down and start taking deeper breaths. Notice what is happening, feel your chest moving, pull your shoulders back and hold your head up. Start to focus on your breathing, take control of your body and feel the tension evaporate. Take 10 deep breaths and then relax. After each breath you should be feeling more relaxed until you are breathing normally again and equilibrium has been returned to you body. Just repeat the exercise until you feel ready to deal with everyday things again.

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