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Criteria for Membership

Guidelines for the  application form the hospital for the membership of the Association of Hospitals

  • Either the Hospital or the Trust governing the hospital should be registered with the office of Charity Commissioner as Public Charitable Trust Institution under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and a copy of the Certificate to that effect is to be provided.
  • Bed strength of the applicants should not be less than fifty.
  • The prescribed application form is to be filled in and returned by the applicant.
  • Income and Expenditure statement for the last year as on the date of the application for membership should be provided.
  • Confirmation from the applicant  that hospital is following the "Scheme" pronounced by the High Court on 17th August 2006 for providing medical services to the indigent and weaker sec. patient.
  • The names and addresses of the trustees or the managing committee should be provided.
  • The membership will be granted subject to approval of the Managing Committee of the Association of Hospitals after meeting all requirements.

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