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AOH Pune


Central Secretariat
40, Sassoon Road, Pune - 411 001

Tel No :- 020-26123391, 66455308
Fax No:- 020-66455493
Regn. No. : 796/2009/Poona

Office bearers:-

Executive Committee:

Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi 9822282888

Vice President:
Mr. Hasmukh Shah

Mrs. Manjusha Kulkarni


Dr. Mrs. J. Ravindranath

Dr. V. L. Yemul

Mr. S. Yadkikar

Aims and Objects

The aims and objects for which " AoH" is established are as follows:

  1. To promote, safeguard, protect, defend and watch over the status, the welfare in the interest of the hospitals, Nursing Homes and all such institutions that render medical aid and health care services and to organise all persons engaged in or interested in or connected with health care administration and to encourage and perpetuate friendly feelings and unanimity amongst all such institutions engaged in rendering medical and health aid and services, with a view to fostering and maintaining their common good.
  2. To encourage, establish and lay down standards of competence and performance and to establish a code of conduct to be followed including the regulations of fair and honest conduct and dealing with the members of the public.
  3. To publish such journals, papers and periodicals in connection with Hospital Managements, Medical Research (Basic as well as Clinical) Preventive and Curative Medicine, Hospital Architecture, Equipment, latest trends in Medical Science, Family Planning and Rural Health Development etc., which are of interest to the members and / or are in the larger interest and benefit of the Association?
  4. To encourage and promote formation, maintenance and update of libraries and reading rooms useful to the hospitals and medical profession and for spreading of knowledge and the advancement of medical science and research.
  5. To encourage and promote charitable activities related to health care and to organise exhibitions, cultural programmes and sports related programmes / events to augment funds for charitable purpose.
  6. To arrange and facilitate the imparting of special training and sharing of the experience in the fields of medical science and healthcare administration amongst the members of the AOH and the members of public, with a view to enhance the standards of education and knowledge in the field of medical science and healthcare administration.
  7. To arrange talk, presentation, TV / Radio interviews and to publicise through posters, hoardings to reach common men for increasing their knowledge and awareness about different preventive and curative aspects of health care touching their daily life with a view to elevate general standard of health of people at large.
  8. To encourage and ensure to announce and publicise the noteworthy and / or outstanding technical / charitable achievement in Research and Development, healthcare treatment and / or surgery as well as the increase in facilities of health care by the members of the AOH.
  9. To develop and promote short term informal training programmes for individuals interested in medical science and healthcare administration.
  10. To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and collection and dissemination of information and to contribute to and spread of knowledge of the principles, practices and methods concerning the running of hospitals, nursing homes and such other medical and health centres, clinics and institutions.
  11. To organise conference, seminars, meetings and discussions for the promotion and furtherance of the aims and objects of the AOH.
  12. To encourage, arrange and promote education in all fields of medical science and care of the sick and invalid and for that purpose to establish free ships, scholarships and fellowships and to confer certificates, degrees and diplomas in respect of theoretical and / practical noteworthy work done or services rendered in the field of healthcare.
  13. To establish just and equitable principles to govern good employer-employee relations in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and like institutions.
  14. To help form and institute codes of conduct and professional ethics so as to simplify, facilitate and inculcate harmonious transactions and excellent co- ordination and co-operation in hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics and the like institutions and centres and within the employees between the employees and patients as well as between the doctors and patients.
  15. To communicate with other hospitals, Associations or Societies chambers of commerce and other mercantile and public bodies through out the world and promote measures for the protection and for enrichment of facilities and knowledge level of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics and like institutions and centres and persons engaged therein.
  16. To approach relevant government and other authorities or agencies with representations as and when required, and with clear perspective with a view to ensure and enlist their all round support and financial concessions for promoting healthcare efforts which is vital need for community at large and also for encouraging charitable activities in the same direction.
  17. To do all such things as may be necessary for or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
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